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Edmonton Population

The Edmonton populations has been growing consistently over the decades and now sits at over 1,000,000.00 people. Edmonton has always been an attractive city to move to due to it’s employment opportunities.

Edmonton Demographics

With over 1 million people in Edmonton and it is split about 50% women and 50% men. The majority of the people are between the ages of 30 – 39 (18%), followed by 20 – 29 (15%) and 40 – 49 (13%). The average age is 36 years. Edmonton’s population has become more diverse over the years with the majority of the people having European ethnicities. People who identify as a visible minority encompass about 37% of Edmontonians. With the most frequent being South Asian, Chinese, Black, Filipino and Arab in defending order of prevelence.

Edmonton Weather and Climate

You will experience all 4 seasons in Edmonton. Starting with winter, which most years starts in mid November. It can get bitterly cold with temperatures going as low as -15°C on average. Even though it’s cold, we do have some days where the sun shine brightly. Winter tends to end in April when the snow starts to melt and Spring arrives the temperatures get notably warmer in May when the average high is around 18°C. By the time June rolls around we are experiencing full on summer weather through July and August. It is not uncommon for Edmonton to experience a heat waves where the daily highs can get up to around 30°C. These heat waves seem to last longer and happen more frequently now, which makes having a central air conditioner a necessity and not just a luxury item anymore. Autumn begins around September and goes until mid November. Fall in Edmonton is quite spectacular with the leaves changing colour. The mental countdown until the snow arrives starts as we anticipate the start of more frigid temperatures. During the fall months temperatures can fluctuate from lows of -8°C to high of 15°C.

Edmonton has a dry area, so it is not very humid. If gardening is a hobby and for landscaping purposes, you will want to note that Edmonton falls into the 4a Plant Hardiness Zone.

Companies Headquartered in Edmonton

Since Edmonton is the Capital city there are many government public service employment opportunities in both the Federal and Provincial governments. There are many companies that are based in Edmonton from all sorts of different industries, here is a list.

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Motor Association


All Weather Windows

ATB Financial

Aurora Cannabis Inc.


Brick Warehouse Corp.

Canadian Western Bank


Covenant Health Alberta



Edmonton Catholic Schools

Edmonton Public School


Fountain Tire

Government of Alberta

Katz Group

K-Bro Linen Inc.


MacEwan University

Morgan Construction

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

PCL Employees Holding Ltd.

Pyramid Corporation

Servus Credit Union

University of Alberta


Jobs in Edmonton

Job opportunities in Edmonton are mostly in the health care and social services sector. Retail and construction are some other Edmonton jobs that are highly available. According to Global Edmonton there is 5 sectors that are the most popular in Edmonton.

  1. Sales and Service Occupations – 23%
  2. Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations – 17%
  3. Business, Finance and Administration Occupations – 16%
  4. Education, Law, Social Community and Government Services – 13%
  5. Management Occupations – 9%

Average Home Price in Edmonton

Edmonton is known to have some of the most affordable house pricing for being th 5th Largest metropolis in Canada. Currently Edmonton’s average home prices for a single family detached home is around 460,000. The average price for condominiums are about 230,000. Duplexes in Edmonton has an average price of around 345,000. Warning, this numbers are for the City of Edmonton proper and do not include it’s bedroom communities like St. Alberta (north of the City), Leduc (South of the City), Sherwood Park (West of the City) and Spruce Grove (East of the City). Real estate is extremely local so pricing can vary depending on where you are in the city.

Edmonton Commute Times

Generally speaking most households rely on vehicles to get around the city, this can be due to a few reason. Firstly, Edmonton is a fairly large city, secondly we have winter season which can make walking or cycling difficult for some people. The third factor is our public transit system still needs a ton of work before it can be a feasible and reliable system for Edmontonians – ( which is why I got my drivers licence 2 days after I turned 16 🤪).

Depending on where you are in the City and what time of day you are commuting, times can vary. Driving from the outlining neighbourhoods like The Orchards, Allard to Downtime can take upwards of 40 minutes, this time could double in inclement weather or if there is construction or an accident, this time could double. North Edmonton neighbourhoods like McConachie travelling to the Downtown Edmonton takes up to 20 minutes.

There are a highways used to get around the city:

Yellowhead Highway

Yellowhead – is on the North side of the river and runs from east to west of the city Also known as Highway (HWY) 16. This Interprovincial highway can take you all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Graham Island, British Columbia. The City of Edmonton is eating to remove all of the traffic lights on this busy road by making over passes, so prepare for a lengthy construction projects on different segments on this road for years to come.

Whitemud Drive

Whitemud Drive – is another main highway that runs from east to west in Edmonton. It starts at 231 Street on the West side and extends the east end at HWY 14 and Anthony Henday Drive. In order to accommodate the growing city, parts of the highway are being widen, so yes, more construction.

Anthony Henday Drive

Anthony Henday is the ring road the circles around Edmonton. It is about 78 km in total and is one of the busiest highest in Western Canada. fully completed in 2016, construction continues on this bypass changing portions of the highway with 4 lanes to 6 lanes. Also known as Highway 216 as it connects Hwy 2 or Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) to HWY 16 (Yellowhead).

There is hope for public transit, as Edmonton’s City council has prioritized expanding and improving the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system. This will see LRT stations in all directions of the City.

Best Restaurants In Edmonton

Edmonton is becoming known for it’s amazing and eclectic food scene. You can dine and experience the best cuisine from all around the world. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Edmonton.

Edmonton Nightlife

Regardless of what you enjoy to do on a night off, Edmonton has World class entertainment.

Alberta Ballet Company – This elegant company of Dancers stage thrilling performances throughout the year and many families make an annual event in attending The Nutcracker during the Holiday season. They perform in Edmonton at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and in Calgary at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. – The company features talented dancers from around the world.

Citadel Theatre – A marvellous live theatre space in Downtown Edmonton, It contains 3 main stages: The Shoctor Theatre, Maclab Theatre and Club Theatre. Every season promises some original plays, world premieres and an Edmonton tradition A Christmas Carol. The lush lee Pavilion in the atrium provides a humid escape in the heart of city and is a popular spot for photos

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra – Performing for over 100 years, the ESO is the pinnacle of professional symphonic music in Edmonton. Playing year round, in their home at the Winspear Centre, this orchestra’s season comprises of performances for all ages from classical music to contemporary favourites.

Edmonton Opera – The Edmonton Opera has been a part of the Edmonton Art’s scene since 1963.

Edmonton Venues


Edmonton Sports Team

Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Elks

Edmonton Stingers

Edmonton Football Club

Edmonton Live Music

Edmonton has some amazing venues to check out live music. Aside from the gorgeous Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and the Winspear. Edmonton has some amazingly intimate places to hear some great bands and musicians. Most of these are run by local entrepreneurs who not only feature musicians from the City, but often feature artists and budding chefs.

The Aviary
The Starlite
Commercial Hotel – Blues on Whyte
Yardbird Suite
The Foundry Room

River Cree Resort and Casino

Edmonton Festivals

The City of Edmonton is known for their tremendous festivals all year round, if you can think it, Edmonton has a Festival for it! Here is a fantastic and likely not a complete list of festivals since new ones pop up every year!

Deep Freeze Byzantine – Early February

Ice on WhyteDeep Freeze Byzantine – End of November to Early January

Luminaria – End of November – Early January

Flying Canoe Volant – Early February

Silver Skate Festival – Mid February

Canadian Birkenbeiner Ski Festival – February

SkirtsAfire – Early March

K Days – End of July

Edmonton Craft Beer Festival – End of October

Dreamspeakers Festival

Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival – August

Edmonton Folk Music Festival – August

Edmonton International Beer Festival

Edmonton International Fringe Festival (Largest in North America)

Edmonton International Jazz Festival

Street Performer’s Festival – June


Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

Taste of Edmonton

The Works Art and Design Festival

Heritage Festival


Edmonton Short Film Festival

Kaleido Family Arts Festival