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5 Reason to stop renting NOW!


Some people love renting because, if something in the home breaks, they’re not responsible for fixing it. And I get it. I own property and have had some particularly bad experiences when something went wrong (at the worst possible time). And it’s true, when you rent, you have fewer responsibilities. 

However, renting isn’t as hands off as many people think, and to be honest, you’ve probably already been paying for those costly repairs without even knowing it. 

In fact, you’ll probably pay more as a renter than you would as an owner. 

#1 Owning Will Yield A Return On Your Investment and build equity.

When you own a home, you get tax deductions, which is a big incentive. And unlike renting, your mortgage can’t go up due to inflation or deflation. You’re also building up tons of equity, which means that, when you sell, you’ll have more cash for retirement or more cash to put down on your next home. 

#2 Renting Makes Your Landlord Rich (Not You)

People who own homes are essentially paying into a huge investment every month, so although they have a house payment, it’s going to their mortgage – not to their landlord’s pocket. 

Additionally, most landlords raise the rent every year, to adjust for the cost of appreciation, which means that the renter is actually the one who’s paying for the depreciation (and future repairs) on all of the appliances of the home. If you’re going to pay that cost anyway, it’s probably better for you to pay them on a home you actually own. 

#3 Rent Costs are Up, Mortgage Rates Are Down

Generally speaking, rent in sought-after areas can be massive. Right now, most rent costs are up 5% or more – But interest rates are at an all time low. This means that, for about the same price as renting, you can have more space, freedom, and peace of mind in a home you own.

#4 Owning Has More Stability

The tenant landlord relationship is notoriously tricky. Landlords write the contract, name their price, and control pretty much everything about the place you call home. They can enter your home, hire their own repairmen (however sketchy and DELAYED they may be), or even sell the home… and there’s very little you can do about it. When you own, you have greater control over all of these things.

#5 You can’t make it your own

One of the worst things about renting is that you can’t personalize, decorate, or improve the space. So renters are typically stuck with the paint, flooring, hardware, and appliances as the day they moved in… And sometimes, decades before they moved in! (Hello shag carpets!) 

The sad thing is, most renters rent because they don’t even know that they can comfortably afford a home. They just need a great real estate agent who can help calculate the math behind renting vs. owning. 

One of the biggest reasons why renting might be the best choice is if you are planing on making a move in the near future.  There is a cost associated to selling so if you have to sell soon after your purchased you will likely struggle to break even.

Michelle Patterson Nipp

Michelle Patterson Nipp

I work with buyers and sellers in all over Edmonton, I focus in Central Edmonton because I love mature neighbourhoods and character homes! I am a retired nurse who started my real estate business in 2005 and I’ve served hundreds of families to date. The best praise I’ve ever received from a client was: that I am “well informed and understanding”. Helping people to realize their real estate goals and to start a new chapter in their lives, makes me so proud and drives everything I do! If you’re looking for a Realtor® who is understanding and can patiently guide you through the process, I’d love to work with you, too!