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Edmonton Best Sandwich Restaurants

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?! I know I do! And today that’s what is on the menu… because it’s National Sandwich Day! Here’s a list of the best local sandwich shops in Edmonton:

Nhon Hoa China Town – Bahn Mi A delightful Vietnamese Sandwich, loaded with fresh veggies.

Begle Cafe – Great selection of Sandwiches and desserts. A favourite is the egg sandwich.

Swiss 2 Go – They serve a hearty sandwich at this shop and there buns remind me of pretzel, so that is a win win for me!

Fiendekel – This shop is known for their amazing sandwiches and great pies!

Farrow – Double decker, triple decker sandwiches that taste amazing!

Italian Centre – Their sandwiches are an Edmonton staple. packed with the best selection of deli meats and cheese and come in 2 types mild and spicy.

Michelle Patterson Nipp

Michelle Patterson Nipp

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