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Inside Be-A-Bella

Located at 6510 – 112 Ave (Highlands)

There is nothing like going into a great candy store.🍭 Be-A-Bella does not disappoint. Typically a candy store like this is a great place to be nostalgic about the treats you loved as a kid, but it’s also great to find some new favourites. I enjoyed the Sweet Corn soda and would surely get the Triple X root beer again!

They also have a lovely selection gifts, including toothbrushes😉!

Variety of Soda in Be-A-Bella
So many different sodas to choose from.

Check out the selection of unique sodas Lester’s Fixins pops has flavours like Sweet Corn, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Buffalo Wing Soda! Can you imagine?!? Maybe you want to taste what Toxic Slime is like of Unicorn Yack?

Michelle Patterson Nipp

Michelle Patterson Nipp

I work with buyers and sellers in all over Edmonton, I focus in Central Edmonton because I love mature neighbourhoods and character homes! I am a retired nurse who started my real estate business in 2005 and I’ve served hundreds of families to date. The best praise I’ve ever received from a client was: that I am “well informed and understanding”. Helping people to realize their real estate goals and to start a new chapter in their lives, makes me so proud and drives everything I do! If you’re looking for a Realtor® who is understanding and can patiently guide you through the process, I’d love to work with you, too!