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Shop Local, Edmonton! Medicine Shoppe

July 30 Post -3

The Medicine Shoppe in Alberta Avenue are independently owned. The one in Alberta Avenue on 118 Ave and 96 Street in unlike any pharmacy I have shopped at in Edmonton.

I just love this pharmacy and I have to share with you! With everyone trying to get immunized, having a local pharmacist is ideal. All of the services you expect to find at a local pharmacy including Covid Immunizations and Flu Shots.

The service here is the best! I get regular follow up calls ensuring that my medication regimen is effective. I have never had a pharmacist do that before and I was very impressed!

They even do auto refills on your regular medication which can be a huge time saver. I don’t have to call the pharmacy every time I need to get more of my routine medication, if I show up around the time my medication is about to run out, they always have one waiting for me when I pop by the store.

Another reason I love this pharmacy, is that from time to time, I see a student Pharmacy student working/learning there. When I was a nursing student and most recently as a baking student at NAIT, I learned some of the best tricks of the trade from the professional who give their time to teach students entering the industry.

I have often felt that Pharmacist are one of the most underused health care professionals, as they provide an essential service to everyone. Especially if you have underlying conditions or a chronic illness. It is great to find a pharmacist that is aware of your medical history and knows all of the medication that your are taking. They are a valuable resource and should be a part of your health care team.

If you are in looking for a new pharmacy call Samar (Prescribing Pharmacist & Owner) at 780-477-3779.

Michelle Patterson Nipp

Michelle Patterson Nipp

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